Sunday, December 26, 2010

Global Warming Updates...

Global warming agitation has had numerous setbacks recently. First, it was the corrupted data that hid the decline in temperatures. And of course mother nature hasn't cooperated as temperatures continue to defy the weather "experts" and decline - sometimes in spectacular fashion.

So it is with great sadness we find that the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the outfit that was created to profit, I mean trade carbon offsets has closed. The organization was a who's who of Democrats and their cronies hoping to enlarge their fortunes by forcing Americans to pay for the right to use energy. Here is an excerpt from a
great article on the subject.

(CCX) planning was initiated thanks to a $345,000 grant from the Chicago-based Joyce Foundation to Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management to study and test the viability of a future carbon-credit market.

This transaction occurred when a young community organizer, Barack Obama, served on the Joyce Foundation's board of directors, along with his mentor, present White House advisor Valerie Jarret. Eventually Joyce Foundation startup contributions for CCX totaled about $1.1 million, and its president, Paula DiPerna, later left the organization to become executive vice president of CCX.

If you are awake and breathing, you should have figured it out by now. The global warming campaign has nothing to do with changing the climate. The reality is that the climate is way too large and complex for man to have any real impact, except on a very local level. It has always been about transferring wealth first to poor nations, who are kept in squalor by the green Nazis and not allowed to industrialize and develop. A side benefit would be to transfer wealth into the hands of Barack Obama, Al Gore, Franklin Gaines and a host of liberals who like wealth, as long as they are the only ones that have it. For the industrialized world, we get to see our way of living destroyed and our hard earned tax dollars sent overseas. Bring on Cap and Tax!!

But don't be alarmed, the green army marches on. Spending billions in taxpayer dollars and burning tons of fossil fuels, they converged on "sunny" Cancun to decide the fate of the world. You would think people so concerned about the environment could figure out a way to video conference. But that wouldn't be any fun.

And quite predictably, Cancun experienced the coldest temperatures in a century during the conference and toga party. It has become a tradition that whenever green Nazis meet, count on some defiant weather extreme.

For an update on these freedom-killing zombies at the UN, here is an excerpt from an article on the Cancun confab.

That the Cancun summit was never a climate conference at all has become increasingly obvious. Even before it began, IPCC Working Group III co-chair Ottmar Edenhofer said, COP-16 is actually “one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War…. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy.” In fact, it has “almost nothing to do with the environmental policy.” Its real purpose “is redistributing the world's wealth and natural resources.”

I can sleep safer at night knowing the blue berets and the green Nazis are out there working to save the world!

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