Monday, September 14, 2009

They're Back....

I posted a couple of days ago videos from James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles visiting an ACORN office in Baltimore. Posing as a prostitute and boyfriend/aspiring politician, they were given detailed advice on how to avoid taxes and money laundering while operating a brother with underage girls from El Salvador. This undercover operation was repeated in Washington DC with the National ACORN leadership saying at first it was an isolated incident, and then that the filmmakers had edited it to make the nuts look bad. That was after all involved employees were supposedly fired.

Are fearless filmmakers have been threatened by a Democrat attorney general with prosecution. He obviously gets marching orders from Washington. We can't have our favorite army of nuts look bad to the general public. That might rile up the people and force politicians to stop funding this horribly corrupt organization.

Now they are back with a 3rd video from New York City. Now once might be isolated. Twice might be coincidence. But how do you explain three instances, in major ACORN offices, where they advise people how to break the law. Do you want YOUR tax dollars funding this kind of behavior?

BTW - Hannah Giles, the "prostitute" is a little too hot for her role IMHO.

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