Friday, September 18, 2009

White Flag Flies At The White House...

Obama has gone to great lengths to bankrupt the country through reckless spending, destroy the domestic auto industry, threatened a government takeover of health care and of course his worldwide apology tour. If that was not enough, he has cancelled plans to deploy a missile defense system in Eastern Europe and essentially, given the green light to Iran to proceed with building a nuclear weapon.

The Russians are of course giddy that they have forced the weak POTUS to renege on the promised deployment. The Poles and Czechs viewed the presence of American military as an added deterrent towards a newly aggressive Russia - see Georgia.

Now they see America as a country that cannot be trusted. Well, at least they see Obama as such.

For an interesting perspective from a Pole, click here for a letter on the subject.

I find it interesting that Obama has so quickly abandoned our allies in Eastern Europe to appease Russia, while at the same time Russia is actively engaging and arming countries in the Americas. Chief among these is the little dictatorship of Venezuela.

He has also steadfastly refused to acknowledge that what happened in Honduras is NOT a coup, but a lawful removal of a would-be socialist dictator. It really makes you wonder what makes Obama so eager to side with tyrants, aggressors and socialists throughout the world.

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