Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who Are The Real Racists?

We are told that any opposition to President Obama is racist. And anyone that opposes wasteful government spending, ACORN corruption, tax cheats writing tax laws or a government takeover of health care is a racist. If you attend a tea party protest, obviously you are a racist. If you believe true freedom exists only when you free yourself from the government plantation, well, quite naturally, you are a racist.

This was one of my favorite signs at the 9-12 rally (If you can't see the picture click here or here):

When liberals cannot debate the facts, they rely on personal attacks. Truth is a stranger to them. Its like light to a vampire.

The reason so many people oppose the current administration has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with their actions. Wasn't that what Martin Luther King argued quite passionately for in his speeches, that we judge a man by the quality of his character?

But that doesn't match up with the left's template. "Conservatives want to starve children. They want to force the elderly to eat dog food. They hate minorities!"

When in reality, its the liberal policies that are currently being pushed that are much more likely to cause the early demise of grandma. Or in the case of auto dealers or insurance salesmen, put you out of business. Or keep you stuck on the government plantation living in government housing and trying to live off of government handouts taken from fellow citizens. Who are the real racists here? People determined to keep you living in poverty as useful idiots to the liberal cause, or those trying to free you to a better life?

Government will never make you prosperous. Only hard work, education and a God-inspired willingness to change can do that. Taking money from one group to give it to another simply equalizes the misery. You will never succeed in life by stealing from someone else, even if it is the government doing the taking!

Lloyd Marcus is an entertainer and a Conservative. He has produced numerous YouTube videos in support of Conservative values. He was part of the Tea Party bus tour that crossed America, heading towards Washington. I want to quote from his piece and encourage you to click on the link to read his entire story.

As I said, I am a singer, songwriter, entertainer and columnist using my gifts to spread the message that conservatism is best for all Americans. Liberal’s response to my YouTube videos, columns and performances on the Tea Party Express have been extremely racist, vicious and hate filled. In their incredible arrogance, they vilify me for loving my country and not viewing myself as a victim of white America. In the sick minds of liberals, as a black man in America, I must support president Obama regardless of his policies. I must resent white America. I must feel entitled to the earnings of other Americans. My belief that my success or failure is totally in the hands of myself and my God is an anathema to them.

As to the claim that the tea party protesters are racist, they are not. Quite the opposite. At every rally with thousands in attendance, I was overwhelmingly showered with affection and thanks for standing up for America. At one rally, a sign read, “Lloyd Marcus for President”. These protesters are not racist. They are decent hard working ordinary Americans who love their country and disapprove of the radial changes planned by the Obama administration. Race is not an issue with them. They have deep concerns for their country.
Black Tea Party Express Tour Team Member Experiences Racism

When liberals are losing the debate, the only thing left to play is the race card. But that dog doesn't hunt anymore.

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