Thursday, April 09, 2009

History Repeats...

Shortly after the United States became a nation it was forced to deal with the Barbary Pirates attacking US ships in the Mediterranean sea. Strangely, these were also Muslim fanatics and felt compelled by their religion and "prophet" to raid, pillage, enslave and hold hostages for ransom.

At first, the new nation followed Europe's lead and paid the tribute and ransoms. Eventually, President Jefferson sent the now larger and better prepared US Navy to end the threat.

I know President Obama claims we are not at war with Islam. But it would seem that Islam has been at war with us since the beginning of this nation. There were of course periods of relative peace. But based on all the attacks since 1979: Iran hostages, Marine Barracks - Lebanon, embassy bombings, kidnappings/murders, USS Cole, WTC and 9/11, you would think we are facing more than "man-caused disasters."

In Obama's latest 3 a.m. test, Somali pirates attacked a US-flagged ship. In classic American style, the crew fought back and freed the ship and only the captain remains a prisoner. The US Navy is now nearby and negotiations are underway.

Obama has been largely quiet on the issue and Hillary Clinton had a cryptic cackling episode while calling the behavior "criminal."

I'm not really sure what is funny about fanatic pirates holding American hostages. And I am certain that the act of piracy is not a "criminal activity." It is an act of war and should be treated as such. Its time for America to take the gloves off and end the threat once and for all.

Obviously, I don't expect this administration to take this approach. I'm sure we will sit down and negotiate a fair ransom price. Maybe Obama can go over and pay homage to the warlords like he did to his Saudi Arabian master. I would also expect him to give a biting speech on how bad America has been and blame us for everything wrong in the world.

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