Saturday, April 11, 2009

It Takes A Village...

A quick review of President Obama's weekly radio address.

These are two very different holidays with their own very different traditions. But it seems fitting that we mark them both during the same week.

Both holidays celebrate and remember God's deliverance from oppression. For the Jews, freedom from the oppression of slavery in Egypt. For all mankind, Easter celebrates freedom from satanic oppression by the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. You would think Obama was talking about Kwanzaa, or some other invented holiday by his generic "non offensive" description.

An unsustainable dependence on foreign oil and other sources of energy that pollute our air and water and threaten our planet.

Uh, Mr. President, we have PLENTY of oil reserves in the United States to last us well into the next century. What we do not have is a willingness to allow exploration and extraction of the bountiful resources God has blessed us with. The planet is not in danger from mankind. It was here before us, and will be here long after we're gone.

These are challenges that no single nation, no matter how powerful, can confront alone. The United States must lead the way. But our best chance to solve these unprecedented problems comes from acting in concert with other nations.

It does not take a village to confront the threats we face here and abroad. It takes LEADERSHIP and RESOLVE, something that seems missing in Washington at present. There really is NOTHING America can't accomplish, as we have proven so many times in the past.

It is only by coordinating with countries around the world that we will stop the spread of the world’s most dangerous weapons. That is why I laid out a strategy in Prague for us to work with Russia and other nations to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons; to secure nuclear materials from terrorists; and, ultimately, to free the world from the menace of a nuclear nightmare.

You have resigned yourself to accept a nuclear Iran as indicated in your overtures. You did nothing while North Korea tested a long range missile. And now you would have us rid ourselves of our own nuclear deterrent? While some of the most dangerous regimes in the world are creating nuclear and biological weapons, you have cut our missile defense budget and suggested we should disarm ourselves. Isn't your primary job as POTUS to protect and DEFEND the United States?

Instead, we have to find – and build on – our mutual interests. For it is only when people come together, and seek common ground, that some of that mistrust can begin to fade. And that is where progress begins.

Honestly, I see no common ground between peace-loving Americans and suicidal Islamic terrorists. Maybe instead of beheading us, they shoot us? I'm really not sure where our compromise position is with people striving to destroy us.

And if we can do that, then not only will we fulfill the sacred meaning of these holy days, but we will fulfill the promise of our country as a leader around the world.

Leader of the free world? A country currently held hostage by a bunch of Islamic thugs in a dingy? A country that is willingly to sell out our allies in the Middle East by allowing a terrorist supporting regime to develop nuclear weapons? A country whose leaders have financially broken our nation through excessive interference in the financial/mortgage industries and then mortgaged our financial future by spending money, that we don't have, like drunken sailors - no offence to drunken sailors intended.

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