Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea party Update...

I have been helping some folks gather actual numbers for the various Tea Parties this week and the numbers are phenomenal. Early reports were suggesting about 250,000 people participated. That number is falling way short of actual numbers. We are now over 629 cities with a low estimate of 690,000 and high end estimate of 797,000. You can check the numbers here for the running tally.

These are all based on media accounts, signatures or eyewitness testimony. This is why the range is employed to account for any "liberalization" of the results. Remember the "million man march" where "400,000" people suddenly tripled? Heck that's nothing, if you put two union members, a handful of angry code pink feminazis, an anarchist or two and a couple of alternative lifestyle types together, CNN would estimate the crowd in the thousands. They would probably go with 24/7 coverage as well. What a joke that network has become.

Anyway, I was working on Texas and found that the rallies were not only widespread, but very deep as well. From small towns, to counties and everything in between, the reach of this event was amazing. Places like Gilmer, Texas, heretofore known mainly for its celebration of the yam, had 250 people at the courthouse making their dissatisfaction with the current administration known!

And the liberal astroturfers are getting paid overtime to add their two cents to every media story comment section. I know exactly what all their rage is about. They have owned the protest meme for so long and can't handle the fact that ordinary, hard working folks aren't willing to be steamrolled anymore. I laughed out loud when I read them trying to defend Obama's spending like a drunken sailor. Yes, massive deficit spending will certainly spur the economy. Got to keep those ACORN types employed and out of crime, right?

Its a shame what the public school system has done to the average American's intelligence. Economics should be brought back to the High Schools. Unfortunately, with teacher unions and government educrats firmly in charge, I would be scared to see what they would actually teach. Maybe they could start with crowd estimation and then segue into where government gets its money. That would be real a hoot.

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