Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Questions For Big Al Gore...

In your propaganda film, you argued of an imminent loss of oceanfront due to dramatically rising water levels. If that is true, why did you purchase an expensive oceanfront condo in San Francisco?

How is man, who accounts in any appreciable density for less than 1% of the entire earth's volume, capable of changing the GLOBAL climate more than the sun, oceans, earth core, volcanic activity or any of a hundred other much greater climate influences?

Why has the IPCC report been so horribly wrong in its predictions of escalating temperatures when in fact global temperatures have been steadily declining this decade?

How can the "global warming" debate be over if there never has been one? How can there be consensus when 30,000 scientists (and growing) disagree with the IPCC and your fanatical chicken little predictions?

Why are you so afraid to debate the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley on this most important topic. Why did you prevent Congress from allowing this most distinguished former science advisor to the British government to testify in opposition?

If the cap and trade nonsense is passed, how much more will you personally earn profiteering from this hoax?

In the face of imminent disaster from "global warming", how do you sleep at night with energy use that is 20 times the average household and with an irresponsible lifestyle that in no way sets the standard you would impose on most Americans if your punishing energy taxes were passed?

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