Thursday, October 22, 2009

Solar Power - 170 Years And Counting...

Solar technology has been around for almost 200 years. Since the Carter years, we have dumped BILLIONS of taxpayer $$$ into subsidizing this technology. Even with all this government waste, it has proven woefully inadequate when compared to much more viable and proven energy sources such as nuclear, coal, hydroelectric and others.

Now under the Nobel Prize winning dear leader's administration, it seems solar will be winning the lottery once again. California Congressman Tom McClintock gave a great speech on this topic today. Below is an excerpt and link.

In a day, a solid acre of state-of-the-art solar panels can produce 2.2 megawatt hours of electricity, assuming an average of 5 hours of peak sunlight. 2.2 megawatt hours per day. Compare that to the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant that produces 49,000 megawatt hours of electricity each day.

In order to duplicate that single nuclear power plant, it would require 22,000 acres of solid solar panels – or 34 square miles. By comparison, the Diablo Canyon Power Plant sits on one square mile.

So this technology, after 170 years and countless billions of dollars of research and development, is roughly 17 times more expensive than nuclear power and consumes 32 times the land area of a comparable nuclear facility.

HR 3585 Solar Technology Roadmap Act of 2009

Solar will never be the solution in our lifetime. But I'm sure Democrats already know that. They, like Santa Clause, just love handing out taxpayer-funded Christmas presents to their buddies in the solar technology field and in universities.

BTW - The lovely piece of legislative crap that brought about this speech (HR 3585) has been estimated to cost some 1.4 BILLION from 2011-2014. Let the party begin!!

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