Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Spooky Halloween Tale...

It is of course almost Halloween so I thought it appropriate to tell you the story of Stan.

You see Stan went out on Halloween night dressed as his favorite superhero and hit every house in the neighborhood. He even went to the school and church carnivals and visited the senior assisted living center down the street.

When he got home he counted up his haul and was amazed how much he had.

"Mom! I have 50 candy bars!" he exclaimed.

"Stan what are you going to do with all that candy?" asked his Mom.

"I'm taking it to school to share with my friends," said Stan.

His mother was so proud that her son thought of his friends first.

On Monday, all the kids were sharing stories of Halloween with their teacher. Nobody had the kind of success that Stan had and some were even envious.

The teacher sensing the disparity, decided that it wasn't fair that Stan had more than the rest.

"Stan, I'm going to take your candy and share it with the rest of the class," said the teacher.

And before Stan could say anything, the teacher had taken his pumpkin full of candy bars.

She came to Anne first. Anne had stayed home because her family doesn't believe in Halloween. Anne was given 10 candy bars.

Joe went to a couple of relatives' houses and had two candy bars. He got 8.

Bobby played video games and didn't even bother to go trick or treating. She gave him 10 candy bars.

The Dickinson twins had each worked their neighborhood and had 9 candy bars each. The teacher gave them 1 each.

Sally and Ray were both sick so they didn't have any. They were given 10 candy bars.

And then the teacher came back to Stan and gave him 10 candy bars.

"Where's all my candy?" demanded Stan.

"Don't be selfish Stan. It wasn't fair that you had so much and everyone else had so little," explained the teacher. "And I'm keeping your pumpkin for next year."

"But I worked all night for that!" explained Stan.

It didn't matter. Whatever the teacher decided was the law.

Stan couldn't believe what had just happened. He was going to share with the class, but now he had just a few left from all his hard work. He stood there with his mouth wide open glaring at his teacher.

"You Bitch!"

The Moral of the story? What's the point of working hard if everything you earn is taken from you to give to those unwilling to earn it on their own.
The same lesson was learned at Plymouth Colony when everyone worked for the common good. They almost starved that first winter because nobody had any incentive to work hard. And then William Bradford assigned each person a plot of land to work for their own benefit. Amazingly they had an abundant harvest and celebrated their good fortune by sharing it with the Indians ( I apologize...Native Americans) on that first Thanksgiving.
America's first attempt at socialism almost destroyed those early pilgrims. Thank God they instead turned to capitalism and not only survived, but prospered too. The rest as they say is history...Of course THAT story is never taught in the public indoctrination centers (er, um, I mean public schools).
Now centuries later, we have an administration and party determined to send us back down the path to socialism. These are supposedly smart people who continue to regurgitate the same stupid, failed solutions involving more government control and redistribution of wealth. THAT is the really scary part of this story.

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